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It all started when...

The Tovars got married in 2012. At the time, Kristin wasn’t sure about wanting to live in Tucson forever. Alex, a native Tucsonan, was happy to stay. In the process of thinking of and desiring to be in other places, she realized how much miss beauty in the city she was missing out on. She started an Instagram account as an experiment in practicing gratitude and to begin appreciating where she lived in a deeper way. It was made up of pictures of things she loved or found interesting helped grow her curiosity and ultimately her love for Tucson. Through the process, not only did her mindset change, but it truly transformed other areas of her life and her family's life as well. 




Why I Love Where I Live exists to encourage people to love where they live, celebrate the beauty where they live, and invest in local community. 

Our whole brand and mission is about seeing people flourish wherever they are for however long they’re there for, through the lens of gratitude and appreciation for their surroundings.

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